Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well not a lot has changed in my life..... I still work at wal-mart which i have been there almost a year.... June 25th to be exact. My husband Dan and I have both decided to go back to school to become medical assistants and do something with our lifes. School is going good so far. We both just got our computers that we got through school.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!!!!

Today is our 1 year anniversary. We have had some ups and downs this past year but over all every thing went well. We are currently saving up to get our own place. I currently work at the walmart in Bloomington, MN and Dan is still looking for a job so pray for him.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!!!

I would just like to send a shout out to all the fathers out there on this special day. I am really greatful for my own father, Ray. He has always been there for me and supported me through anything I wanted to do even though he was leery about me getting married when I did but I know he is happy for me. Love you Dad!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fun in Princeton

While in princeton this is what we did. Friday we were at Dan's Aunt and uncles house visiting his new baby cousin and hanging with his cousins and our friends. These are some pictures of us with baby Isabella.

This one Dan is feeding baby Isabella and she is starting to fall asleep......
He tends to have that affect on people.

In these pictures, she is looking at her mommy and wondering
when am i gunna get another bottle.

Dan feeding Isabella again.

This is me feeding Isabella while we were there.
Thanks Amber for taking the photo for me.

Then on Saturday we went to my friends Dawn's house and stayed the night. I really fell in love with her Sloppy joes the last time i was over there so i asked for them again. Tiella had some friends over and we all played Singing Star for the wii.... it was quite histarical. Then we all settled down and watched the movie Bolt.

This is a picture of the Sloppy Joes.
Dawn makes the sauce homemade... not from a can.

Then on Sunday we went to Church before heading home for the week. It happened to be Youth sunday at church so that was awesome. The youth worship team did some songs for the congregation. Then they did a drama and then Chad, the youth pastor, gave a message.

This is T.J. who was playing a blind man in the skit

This picture is of 2 of the girls that were in the skit

This is a picture of my youth pastor, Chad, giving the message.

Then on the way home we happen to get a flat tire. So Dan changed the tire for me and we were on our way home again.

Tattoos Part 1

Dan and I got part of our Tattoos done today..... These are pictures of them as of right now

This is a close up of my tattoo.
My tattoo is dedicated to my mother, Esther, who passed away when i was 10. I plan on putting in loving memory above it and her birthday and the day she passed away underneath it.

These are 2 diferent fews of Dan's new tattoo. He got it in Dedication to our son that we lost this past July. He is gunna had In loving memory of on top and his name and the day he passed away below the cross.

Tattoos, Part one

Today Dan and I are going to get tattoos done. His is in memory of our son Jeramiah James Dahl and mine is in Memory of my Mom, Esther Grot... Who i lost when i was just 10 years old. I will post again with the pics of them when we can uncover them.....

Not this past weekend but the weekend we went to princeton for some time with friends and family and just to get away for a weekend. It was awesome. I took some photos that I will also post when i get back from the tattoo parlor.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baker's Square!

Please keep me in ur prayers since I have an interview tomorrow at 3pm. I am really hoping to get this job. I may be making up to $18 an hour including tips. The postition is a server. But they are hiring for some other things to so maybe i can get them if not a server.